Monday, February 12, 2018

Then And Now #107: Bisquick

Today's post features that versatile mix known as Bisquick.
Bisquick has been around for a good, long time!
Here's an advertisement from 1937.
I love that they're using the gorgeous Franciscan dishes! I have a small collection of that set (sorry I haven't time to try and share a photo of it with you today!) - but isn't it lovely in the aqua color?
And another one, this time - we have Bisquick biscuits in a basket. (Say that real fast five times!) from 1952:
And here we have two more vintage ads; these are both from 1954.
Pineapple Upside Down Cake looks pretty good.
It was one of our Daddy's favorite cakes:

Ooohh, and here's an ad for both Bisquick and Reddi-Wip.
Yes, Strawberry Shortcake looks good, too.
I must be hungry or something.....
Next up, we have an ad from 1964.
I will take some of that rolled turkey roast AND some of those sage biscuits, please......
definitely need something to eat ..
I found this cookbook at a thrift store, and I was sure I didn't have it:
I love the artwork inside:
And the food photos aren't bad, either:
This advertisement is from 1964, also:
To send away for the cookbook that I DID already have - this one:
 (The other edition I found just recently was published in 1967.)
I do not remember seeing the Whole Wheat Baking Mix, and I don't know what year this advertisement dates from:
But the package I have in my pantry right now touts that it is "Heart Smart",
so, I mean - that's perfect for February, right?
I also found this recipe tin at a thrift store:
(So I added to my stacks of other cute vintage recipe file boxes I've already been collecting over the years.)
I decided I needed to make a recipe out of one of those cookbooks.
So I ended up with Peach Cobbler:
Here's the recipe from the vintage Bisquick cookbooks:
And the Shortcake recipe:
It was good; we liked it!
(I added a little cinnamon to mine.)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Yet Another Turn At "The Drawing Board"

I've got more fabulous and colorful stationery items from "The Drawing Board" to show you.
(I've written about this great company's items three times before - click here if you'd like to see my previous posts.)
I'll start with these wonderful flower power party invitations:
Precisely the kind of vintage artwork that I completely adore;
here they are in the original package, and a view of the inside:
And this little owl card is from The Drawing Board, too - how cool is HE?!
The next few are not ones that I own , but only wish I did - more  invitations with colorful flowers:
And invitations for a Bon Voyage Party:
A groovy mushroom stationery tablet:
And a lovely fluttering butterfly invitation:
I'd add every single one to my little collection, if that were possible!
Because I love them all.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 7456 A Cute Little Hand-Me-Down Dress & Shorts

Today's vintage pattern is Simplicity number 7456:
You could choose the dress alone, with or without pockets, or you could make the version with the epaulets at the shoulder, and the matching shorts to go underneath:
My sister Lori chose the latter version when she made this for herself back in 1967 or so.
 I'm sorry this photo, below is not a very good one - but I simply had to share it because she is wearing her dress!
The epaulets and pockets (and I think, maybe the shorts?) were a solid bright green, which matched the green in the adorable print fabric.
 That's me in the hat, and we are with our Mother.
I was delighted when Lori outgrew the cute outfit, because then it came to me!
And I am pretty sure I loved it as much as she did.
I mean, I remember wearing it until it simply didn't fit anymore, or it was falling apart - or maybe kind of both.
I even chose to wear it on class picture day, as you can see in my last photo, here:
And that talented little seamstress , whom I used to PAY to sew for me, because she could whip things up, while I seemed to spend agonizing hours at the sewing machine, making mistakes?
She happens to be celebrating a birthday today.
And I am headed over to see her, and my sister Tina, too!
Happy Birthday, Lori!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Fabulous Ole Furniture By Stanley, Once Again

I have more photos of the fabulous vintage "Ole" furniture from Stanley that I ADORE to show you today.
I think these pictures may have been from eBay, a while back?
The furniture was for sale, and you have to know that I'd have purchased it all, had I been able!
A dresser:
Desk with hutch top - oh, be still my heart!
The bed and a nightstand:
The nightstand alone:
And  the nightstand again, below - because it isn't possible to have too many photos of this insanely fantastic set of furniture:
A low bureau:
Along with the mirror that is meant to top it:
And the double dresser:
The two together:
And a chair or stool that is truly too cool for school:
And we will leave you with reflections on the absolute furniture of my dreams.....
.... my childhood dreams that remain intact, to this very day - and always will.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

And I've Got Some Needlepoint Finds, Too

I have also found some more needlepoint pieces and pictures that I hadn't share here on the blog as of yet.
This colorful one is a particular favorite:
But I'm also rather partial to this cute cat and mouse:
I think the next one, below, must have been from a pillow  kit.
I believe it's considered a bargello-style needlepoint?
I'm not actually sure, but it really doesn't matter - it's too great in all it's southwestern fabulousness to be left out today:
This gorgeous floral is begging to be made into a pillow as well, or perhaps used to cover a chair seat:
And so is this beauty:
I've got to make this lovely rose into something useful, as well:
Or, if I don't think I'll ever get around to making them into pillows or whatever on my own, then I'll probably sell them.
I mean - I've got entirely too much stuff around here already......

Friday, February 2, 2018

What's Penny Wearing? #150 She's Dressed For National Wear Red Day!

Penny is sporting a vintage blouse and skirt of mine from the late 1970's or early 1980's.
She's wearing it in support of  National Wear Red Day.
(Click on it if you wish to read more....)
 I'm wearing red today, too.
The sequined heart pin I found earlier this week at a local thrift shop is a perfect addition - a heart for American Heart Month and the Go Red For Women campaign to help fund research on  women's cardiovascular health and raise their awareness of same.
It's just a simple outfit; Penny isn't feeling fancy today.
Speaking of heart health - I had an echocardiogram recently.
I've never had one before, so that was interesting.
I haven't heard anything yet about the results of it.
When your family has a history of heart "issues", and your doctor says you need a test, you go have a test.
My new heart pin goes very well with the one I already had, below - and that little red dress pin will be a nice addition to either one.
Take good care of your heart, everyone!